Pre-employment screening



If you are looking for new, good and reliable staff, it’s only natural that you as an employer likes to know the background of your favorite candidates. It’s therefore recommended that you perform a pre-employment screening on these possible future employees. This screening is a background check to obtain more information on your applicant.

Of course you can look up the candidates via Facebook and LinkedIn, but you won’t find all the necessary information you’re looking for via social media. That’s why it’s recommended to get the help of a detective agency. And whom can help you better than Detective Bayo?

More certainty thanks to research

As a business manager, you’re looking for the best workforce available on the market. But you’re most likely also aware that an employee can sometimes sell himself well and that those talks are not always trustworthy.

What are the previous companies the candidate worked for? Why is he really looking for a new job? How did the relationships end in his previous team? Is this applicant researching for a competitor? These are interesting questions that you should have a truthful answer to. A pre-employment screening of someone can give you the assurance you need to recruit the best workforce.

Take into account the different rules

When screening individuals, you should always consider certain guidelines and rules. Our detective agency is always up to date with these new rules and can therefore perform a background investigation on your applicant in the best possible way. So be sure to contact us if you’re looking for the ideal candidates for your vacancies.

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