As a lawyer you can contact us to help your clients with their cases. Sometimes additional evidence is needed and we can help you in gathering this. We always work correctly, so that all our findings can actually be used as evidence in a potential lawsuit.


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We can help lawyers in several ways. The main task we can perform is evidence gathering. We can collect evidence relevant to a legal case. Specifically, we do this by using the techniques below:

  • observing
  • conducting interviews
  • collecting background research
  • gathering documentation

By collecting the above observations, we can help strengthen evidence and support arguments in a case.

It is important to note that private detective agency Bayo always operates within the law and ethical guidelines applicable to our industry. We use only legal methods when gathering information and always act in accordance with applicable laws and privacy regulations.

The applications below are only a selection of our possibilities; we can also be hired for a variety of other matters.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide more information without any obligations.

Determination of adultery

Evidence of infidelity, whether or not in collaboration with a bailiff.


Proof of stolen property.

Contestation of alimony

Verifying contestation of personal maintenance (money) after divorce.

Children's time use

Tracking location and actions of own children.


Investigating the intentional systematic pursuit & harassment of individuals.

Regulation of access rights

Examination of compliance with established contact times with children.

Deceptive inability

Research on the effective financial capability of individuals.

Time use employees

Track time spent during working hours or sick leave.

Corporate theft

Theft at work (money, products, information, time, …).

Non-competition clause

Research on cooperating with or working for competitors.

Employee fraud

Fraud in declaring expenses, commuting, obtaining benefits etc.

Corporate espionage

Is a company wiretapped or an employee sharing confidential information? We discreetly provide evidence.

The above examples are just a selection of the possible findings we can help you with.

 Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you without any obligations.

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