Are you being harassed by a certain person or a group of people on a weekly or even daily basis? That means you are a victim of stalking. Even though certain types of stalking can be very frustrating, it still isn’t easy to contact the police and find help. It is a good idea to call upon the services of a detective bureau that can gather enough burden of proof to identify the stalker. Bayo is your best option!

A broad concept

It’s not always easy to determine if a behaviour can be considered as stalking or not. In general, we speak of stalking when a person is systematically harassed, so that they no longer feel safe in their day-to-day life and have the feeling their freedom is being affected.

Everyone experiences stalking in a different way. Generally, we can speak of stalking when a person or a group of people:

•    Constantly follows you, both in public and private places
•    Sends you unsolicited gifts, letters, emails…
•    Constantly calls or texts you
•    Harassing you around your family, friends, employer…
•    Asks your relatives for more and more information about you
•    Sends you threats
•    …

The Internet has made it a lot easier for stalkers to harass their victims. We offer so much information about ourselves through social media that it has become child’s play to gather information about a person. Are you being approached by a stalker via the Internet? You can also contact us.

How can I proof stalking?

To be able to proof you are being harassed by someone, it is very important to gather sufficient burden of proof against this person, in order to take legal actions. It’s not always easy to find this information and it could be dangerous for you to do so.
Detective agency Bayo’s detectives are specifically trained to find the stalker and to create a file about his or her actions. Get in touch to receive more information right away.

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