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Not all employees continue to work in the same company for their entire career, we all know that. But if you have stiff competition, you obviously don’t want people from your company working with them. How can you be sure it is not? By enlisting the help of detective Bayo.

A strict clause

The non-competition clause is a clause that can be included in the employment contracts. The commitment must be entered into by both the employees and the donor. Once a staff member signs the agreement, he agrees not to work with your direct competitors after leaving your company.

Several other conditions are attached to the clause:

  • Your employee must adhere to the stipulation for a maximum of 1 year, unless otherwise stated in the agreement
  • When you leave the company, you as a manager have to pay the employee a gross salary that depends on the duration of the non-competition clause.
  • The clause is not valid if someone resigns for urgent reasons or is dismissed for reasons that are not urgent.

There are several other conditions that our detective agency will be happy to explain to you.

An ex-employee works for the competition

Do you suspect that one or more of your ex-employees work for your competitors? Then you can always rely on our services. We will investigate whether your suspicions are correct and provide you with proof of this. The former employee will be obliged to repay the compensation he received, but in duplicate.

Have you not entered into a contract with your staff? Then know that they should not just leak documents, secrets or customer files to other companies. Do you think this is the case anyway? Then you can always contact us for corporate espionage.

A specific type of non-competition clause

The non-competition clause for trade representatives is a non-competition clause in which other standard conditions apply, which we can also help with. More info on this page.

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