Company theft



Unfortunately, not all employees are as reliable as others: company theft is more frequent than you would think.

Money or goods being stolen from your company isn’t always obvious. An employee might be stealing small amounts from a registry during a longer period or awarding extra discounts to friends or family. These types of theft won’t be noticeable from their first occurrence, but will cost your company a lot of money in the long term.

What can be stolen from my company?

  • Money: one of the most frequent types of company theft concern money. This can for instance be the theft of money from a registry or handling false expense notes.

  • Products: food, clothes, jewels… These are all products that can be taken home by employees.

  • Information: Intellectual business property, company information or product ideas can also be stolen by employees.

  • Time: ‘Stealing’ time is looked at from the perspective that an employee is earning money if he or she is not working. They can, for example, change working hours or do other things during the day. Would you like to have a closer look at the activities of your employees? We are happy to help, discover more about how here.

How can company theft be discovered?

As an employer, it’s not always simple to be discrete in knowing who is stealing from your company and to what degree it happens. This is why working with our detective agency is the best solution to map out the company theft.

We know the correct techniques and ways to catch a perpetrator and we can make a report with evidence for you.

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