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Hiring someone and working together with your employees is always a matter of mutual trust. You assume that the people you hire are doing their best to reach the common goal of the company. You can make the best agreements with your personnel, but this unfortunately doesn’t mean that everyone honours them.

What is my employee doing during working hours?

This question is asked by every employer every now and then. Most of your employees will be focusing on their assignments. However, are there certain employees that never meet their deadlines or whose working pace is suddenly a lot slower? Then you can wonder whether they are actually working during the working hours.

Doing other assignments, dealing with private matters, surfing the internet, arriving late and leaving early… All these things require time that is spent during the employee working hours, and this is obviously not exactly desirable.

Employees that travel regularly have more freedom

And this freedom can’t always be controlled by you. Representatives are often travelling to visit or find clients. But they also have the freedom to deal with private matters or to work for other companies during their working hours, in the worst case scenario, for competing companies.

As is the case with absenteeism, these employees bring extra costs that are paid by your company. It is therefore better to prevent situations as these.

By counting on Bayo, your professional detective agency, you can investigate the activities of your employees. How does this work?

– We follow your employees

– We make a detailed report of their activities during the working hours and the results

– We bring you the report together with extra evidence

It is then up to you to draw your conclusions. Our documents are legally valid and give you the opportunity to build a case should you like to take legal action to dismiss the employee (in consultation with your HR department).

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