Corporate espionage



Espionage, it seems like something from a movie. Unfortunately, it’s a recurring phenomenon for businesses. As a business manager, you don’t always know who you can and cannot trust. That’s is why it is recommended to call upon the services of a private detective if you think one of your employees is leaking information to third parties. Our detective bureau is your ideal partner to tackle the issue together.

My employees are leaking information

Your competitors can delve into your company at any given time. These days a lot of business information is spread online. As the business manager, you can manage this in some way, by monitoring what kind of information you release online about new products and services. A good policy on what employees can and cannot share on social media about their employer can prevent unnecessary information being leaked online.

You’re dealing with a bigger issue if your employees are purposely stealing information from your company and transferring it to your competitors. It can be very time-consuming to figure out who can’t be trusted. We probably don’t have to draw you a picture of the costs that would result from customer data bases, intellectual property, prototypes etc. being shared with your competitors.

By relying upon detective agency Bayo, you’ll save yourself time and you’ll have a complete file, ready to use against the thieving employee.

Untrustworthy applicant

Many companies play it smart when it comes to corporate espionage. They bring someone in at a very early stage, to apply for a job with their competitor in order to get their hands on certain information.

So it’s very important for you to have each and every applicant properly screened. You can always outsource this screening to our agency.

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