Determination of adultery



Do you suspect that your partner is not loyal to you? Have you seen strange messages on your partner’s mobile phone? Or are there times when you don’t know where your partner is? These can all be signs of adultery. Detective Bayo can help you to clear your doubts or to confirm your suspicions.


As we can rely on our many years of experience, we can discreetly follow your partner during the course of collecting evidence. Every action we take is with mutual consent, so you are always aware of when we are active and up to date with the latest developments. During the assignment we take photos so that you have irrefutable evidence at all times. The collected evidence is treated confidentially and only shared with you.

Always tailor-made

No assignment is the same. We can rely our experience, but it is still important to work  together with you to find the best possible way to work as efficiently as possible and to obtain clarity in your case as quickly as we can. Making assumptions without tangible evidence does not provide any certainty, so it is our job to ensure that there is clarity in every situation.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We are happy to discuss with you the possibilities to clear your suspicions and doubts. Because we are active all over Belgium, we can easily adapt to large journeys. As a result, no assignment is too big for us. You can reach us via email, telephone, Facebook messenger or whatsapp.

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