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Company theft

Is an employee or customer committing theft? We will collect evidence in consultation with you.

Time spent employees

Do you have employees who do not respect the conditions of the employment contract? We map out the abuse and provide you with useful evidence.

Competition clause

Are your employees sharing confidential information of your company with a competitor? Reach out to us for a tailor-made solution.

Corporate espionage

Is your company bugged or do you have an employee who secretly works for the competition? We provide a discreet solution or proof.


Maybe one of your employees is working for a competitor during his period of illness? We provide you with useful evidence and information.

Tracing debtors

Do you have customers who are no longer paying and that you are unable to find? We track them down so that you have the correct contact details.

Detecting listening devices

Do you suspect you are being bugged or filmed? We can detect various sorts of tracking/eavesdropping equipment.

Mystery shopping

Would you like to know how your employees deal with customers when you are not present? As a mystery shopper, we can perform a test.


As a private investigator for companies, it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments, whether it is from technology to legislation. Below you can find a selection of what caught our attention and about which we would like to inform you in more detail.

Recording conversations not always possible on Android anymore

11 May 2022, another adjustment to Google’s Android policy took place. From that day, Google will no longer allow apps, so-called ‘call recorders’, to record phone calls.

INTERVIEW Part 2: On the road with private investigator Bayo

Back in May 2019 WIEPER magazine did an exclusive interview with an employee of Detective agency Bayo. This can be read in the digital version of our magazine or hereunder. A brief summary of the first part of the interview can be found below. In part 2 we will...

What is sweethearting?

Sweethearting Thefts are a real plague and always result in a financial loss for a company. If these thefts are also carried out by your own staff, in addition to the financial aspect there is also a lack of mutual trust. All things you, as a company manager, would...

What is a password manager and what are the benefits?

Nowadays, many programs or online accounts on different websites require you to have a personal account. You must set a username and password for all these online accounts or programs. A username is often formed by your own name, a number or email address. The password is often more complicated and consists of several strange characters, numbers and letters. After all, a password must be strong and unique so that your account remains safe. But how do you keep your account safe and have a strong password? And more importantly, how do you make sure you don’t forget all your different passwords?

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