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The consequences of telling lies on your resume

The search for a good job may seem endless to some applicants. Adjusting a resume to be more eye-catching can be tempting, but is that a good idea? And what are the consequences?
Research by recruitment agency Robert Half has shown that 70 percent of employers receive resumes with lies on it. These results were calculated based on a survey of 300 Dutch managers with recruitment authority.

The advantages of a pre-employment screening

Various studies have shown that half of all applicants have already lied about their resume. As an employer it is therefore not recommended to just assume that your candidate is perfect by basing yourself only on his / her resume. Depending on the type of position and...

8 ways to deal with sick absence

Many companies are confronted with the issue of sick absence. Of course, employees can actually be ill or maybe they just don’t feel like working for the day. But if they are absent long-term or are increasingly reporting sick for a few days, there is an underlying problem. Burn-out, loss of motivation… These are all causes you can try to fix from within your organisation.
private detective agency Bayo happily shares 8 ways to deal with sick absence!

Sick absence: an issue every company has to deal with

No matter how you look at it, sick employees always constitute a loss for your company. Of course, employees can fall ill once in a while. That’s no reason to dismiss them. But some employees are ill or absent more often and for longer periods of time than others. And in the long run, they can be problematic for your business. We prefer talking about absence rather than sick absence, because employees are not always absent due to illness.

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