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The secret behind successful detective work: Skills and dedication

As private detectives, we must possess a variety of qualities. Discretion is essential, but what else is required? Find out here.

Why you should never use a found USB stick

Imagine, you find a USB stick on a bench in a train station or on a table inside a train carriage. Oops, someone has forgotten their USB stick. It might seem like a good idea to quickly plug the USB stick into your PC to see if you can identify the person in order to return the stick. But definitely do not do this!

Strange stains: The possibilities of a discreet investigation

Have you recently discovered strange stains on your partner’s clothes, furniture, bedding, or pillows? Find out the ways to uncover the truth.

Am I allowed to read my partner’s messages?

Can I read my partner’s messages? In this blog post, we delve into the regulations and laws applicable in Belgium.

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