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The issue of anti-Covid masks for private investigators

Faced with the unprecedented health crisis, exceptional health measures had to be put in place. These solutions were deployed with the aim of limiting the spread of the coronavirus by, among other things, forcing individuals to wear a mask. Wearing these masks became mandatory in public places and in workplaces. These various measures affect the whole world and represent an additional difficulty for private investigators. While it’s always possible to identify a person wearing a mask, the task is more complex and requires real expertise to identify key elements.

Follow your partner with a “Spy” app?

Espionage apps – also called stalkerware apps – come in all kinds of forms. It has already been banned to advertise such apps since August, but Google is taking it one step further. Clarity will soon be created by means of a new policy regarding the permitted use of such espionage apps.

No More Ransom, how ransomware is being fought.

Along with the corona epidemic that is holding the world in it’s grip, there is also a malware that keeps computers in their grip: Ransomware. A program that locks all your computer files, after which your files are released in exchange for ransom. The ransom can go from a few hundred to thousands dollars or euros.

Proximus and your privacy

Did you know that Proximus sells the overview of where you (as a Proximus mobile customer) have been to, to everyone who wants to pay for it?

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