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Preventing fraud

Preventing fraud Several current cases at Detectivebureau Bayo are about proving fraud. Therefore, we would like to take some time to discuss how to prevent this from happening. Use caution with personal details It goes without saying that you do not just go around...

Recording conversations not always possible on Android anymore

11 May 2022, another adjustment to Google’s Android policy took place. From that day, Google will no longer allow apps, so-called ‘call recorders’, to record phone calls.

What are the signs of adultery?

When you are in a relationship or just starting a new relationship, you always assume that you remain loyal to each other. But what is staying true to your partner? What do you personally consider adultery, deception or cheating? This is different for everyone but most importantly, when it happens you can recognize the signals, which may not always be very clear.

INTERVIEW: On the road with Private Investigator Bayo

What if you’re having a strong feeling that your partner is cheating on you? Or maybe you are rightly concerned that your child is drinking too much alcohol or is even taking drugs? These are accusations that, without any evidence, can lead to a serious breach of trust. But what if it were possible to gather evidence without that person knowing? It’s possible, because private detectives don’t just exist on TV. We spoke with a private investigator from detective agency Bayo, who prefers to not use his real name because of his job.

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