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Is your partner active on Tinder? Discover it now!

For years now Tinder has been the most popular app for meeting new people. With almost 300,000 Belgians who have a profile, it’s the most popular dating platform in Belgium. But the app is not only used by people without a relationship, so how can you know if your partner is active on Tinder? We figured it out for you.

What is a password manager and what are the benefits?

Nowadays, many programs or online accounts on different websites require you to have a personal account. You must set a username and password for all these online accounts or programs. A username is often formed by your own name, a number or email address. The password is often more complicated and consists of several strange characters, numbers and letters. After all, a password must be strong and unique so that your account remains safe. But how do you keep your account safe and have a strong password? And more importantly, how do you make sure you don’t forget all your different passwords?

Your internet address? Everybody knows, except for us.

An IP address is a unique address with which your computer connects to the internet, the same principle as with a telephone number. Based on this, everything you do on the internet can in principle be traced back to you.

The issue of anti-Covid masks for private investigators

Faced with the unprecedented health crisis, exceptional health measures had to be put in place. These solutions were deployed with the aim of limiting the spread of the coronavirus by, among other things, forcing individuals to wear a mask. Wearing these masks became mandatory in public places and in workplaces. These various measures affect the whole world and represent an additional difficulty for private investigators. While it’s always possible to identify a person wearing a mask, the task is more complex and requires real expertise to identify key elements.

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