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Your child is the person you care the most about in this world. Children have many different influences from outside, at school, their circle of friends, internet, games, etc. That’s why it can be important to be aware of their daily life.

We can discretely infiltrate in your child’s nightlife, when questions are asked later on, you know exactly when they are lying to you or where they have been the entire night. We can check whether your child is going to school, which friends he/she associates with, etc.

Have you noticed a change in your child’s behavior lately? Do you have suspicions of drug use or excessive alcohol consumption? All these examples can be investigated so we can confirm or eliminate any of your suspicians.

We work discreetly so that your child doesn’t have to be aware of your concerns if they prove to be unnecessary afterwards. The investigation always remains strictly confidential between us. All our private investigators have years of experience in shadowing people so your child will never be aware that you have hired us.

At the end of our investigation, you will receive a detailed report with all our tasks performed and all the evidence we collected during the assignment. You decide when you want us to carry out this assignment so that you always keep control and know when our private investigators are working for you. Do you have additional questions? Contact us without obligation.

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