Detecting listening devices

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Detecting listening devices


Do you have the feeling that you are being bugged/tapped? Does someone possess very sensitive information that is not anywhere available? Get rid of that suspicion and enlist the professional help of Bayo. Nowadays, there are so many types of listening devices that are so small that you wouldn’t notice at all without a trained eye. Cameras and GPS trackers are also easy to position and can store information that could get you in trouble. Fortunately, at Bayo, we have a trained eye and work with professional devices that can detect certain signals.

Types of listening devices and disguises


Listening devices

Gone are the days when listening devices were very large devices. Anything can be a recording cell these days: a pen, power bank, computer mouse, power strip or in the form of jewelry. There are also devices that can listen through walls and thus can be in an adjacent room.


Beyond pure voice recording, of course, there are devices that can also record video. This may be hidden in a frame of glasses, a digital watch or a button on a jacket. A camera can also be incorporated into even less obvious items, think of an alarm clock, a router, a weather station or a lamp.

GPS trackers

Not every GPS tracker has a clear indication of “GPS”. They can be disguised in many forms, ranging from key chains to USB sticks or even charging cables. Some are waterproof and can be easily attached to a vehicle, e.g., via a magnet.

When to take advantage of our services?



  • Does your (former) partner or roommate know more than he/she should?
  • Did someone have access to your office or home that you don’t trust (anymore)?
  • Does someone know too specifically where you go with your car?


  • Is sensitive information from your company or customers being released?
  • Are certain individuals behaving strangely? Are unauthorized persons in your office?
  • Do customers routinely drop out after an employee is fired/left your company?
  • Does a competitor have too much information that cannot be leaked through others?


If you fear being bugged, it is best to contact a specialized firm such as detective agency Bayo. In such cases, we proceed with extreme discretion and put your safety first. With the right knowledge and equipment, we can detect various bugging devices.  

Working method



You contact us and thoroughly explain what you need our help with. Is it about one room, an entire house or an office (building)? Where do the suspicions come from, since when do you feel you are being bugged or filmed? What do we do in case of a finding?


At the appointed time (or multiple times if necessary), we will search the designated area or resources for all kinds of bugging devices. If the bug sweep proves positive, we will take the steps discussed.


We will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings, with which you can file a complaint with the police or eventually take legal action. This report is valid in court and can be used by your lawyer.

The above applications are just some of the possible disguises of listening devices. Know that detective agency Bayo is with the latest trends and can detect such listening devices. This service is for both individuals and businesses. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be at your service with more information, without obligation.

Make sure you are not in the room(s) or home in question when you contact us by phone or the contact form.

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