Unexpected stains, a troubling sign of infidelity?

In life, we sometimes face unexpected challenges. One of them is discovering strange stains on clothing, seats, beds, or pillows – at home or even in our partner’s car. For many, this is a distressing event that raises doubts about the loyalty of our loved ones. While stains themselves are not proof of adultery, they can be one of the many signals that cause concern.

At Detective Bayo, we understand how important it is to get answers when doubts fill our minds. In a previous blog post, we have already discussed the different signs of infidelity. Today, we want to focus on a specific method to gain more insight into the origin of these mysterious stains – a method that respects your privacy and peace of mind.

Semen Test Kit

Our indicative test kit allows for discreetly analyzing these stains without damaging the surface under examination. With this simple test, you can get an indication of whether the stains may possibly be from semen. The secret behind the test lies in detecting specific enzymes that are primarily present in semen.

How does it work? The process is easy and discreet. You will receive our test kit, which you can use at a convenient time to examine the stains. If you prefer us to perform the test, we can provide a report containing these results, which you can then add to your file along with any other findings of infidelity.

However, we understand that some clients may need even more certainty. Therefore, it is also possible to have the stains examined by a laboratory capable of conducting a thorough analysis. While this method provides more certain results, please be aware that the surface under examination in this case cannot be recovered. We strive to offer our clients various options so they can choose the approach that best suits their situation.

At Detective Bayo, we place great importance on confidentiality and ethical conduct. You can trust that your case will be handled with the utmost discretion. We understand that unraveling these delicate matters can be emotionally challenging, and our team of experienced professionals is ready to guide you through this process.

Stains do not prove everything

It is important to emphasize that the presence of strange stains on its own does not irrefutably prove that your partner is cheating. There can be numerous innocent explanations for this phenomenon. The goal of our services is not to fuel your suspicions but to provide you with the opportunity to gain more insight and make an informed decision about how you want to proceed.

If you would like more information about our indicative test kit, our laboratory research, or other services we offer, please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you further.

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