Blackmail and extortion are unfortunately no longer rare phenomena and are occurring more frequently in the past few years. If you were the victim of one of these practices you’ll know it’s not always as easy to deal with. Luckily, we are at your service.

Extortion and blackmail: similar, but not the same

There is a clear distinction between both terms.

Extortion is seen as a specific type of theft. A person is persuaded to hand over something by using violence or physical threats. This can concern a mutual action, but can equally be for any other resource, such as money.

Blackmail can be more emotional; the person is persuaded to do something against their will. This concerns instances of defamation, slander or threats to make something public.

Help, I am being threatened!

If you are being threatened, it’s not always easy to deliver proof or find out who the person behind these threats is. Furthermore, it is often a difficult step to go to the authorities with your story. Are you having trouble finding concrete evidence for going to the police? 

Deal with your blackmailer with the help of detective agency Bayo

Are you the victim of a form of blackmail or extortion? Would you rather find a solution instead of giving in to threats? Then we are always at your service. We look for evidence and the necessary information to go to the police.

Contrary to earlier assumptions, nowadays documents coming from private detectives have an important place in investigations. Police services can receive the evidence they need. Our report is the ideal way to give your testimony more evidence. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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