Your employees need to take sick leave every now and then. This can unfortunately not be prevented. However, some of them are absent more often than others and don’t always have a clear reason. It is therefore only natural that you would like to know what these employees are doing during their absence.

Absenteeism: what is it?

The word ‘absenteeism’ may sound like a rare condition, but the true meaning is an employees absence for which they claim illness as the reason. An employee who doesn’t turn up during working hours can state that an illness, private accident or accident at work is the reason for this. Of course, you as an employer can never be sure that this employee is indeed ill.

An employee who is not able to do his or her job during a longer period can cost your company a lot of money. This is why it is important for you to check absenteeism and to take the necessary actions.

Handling the issue

Is my employee really ill? What does my employee do during his or her absence?

Is this what you are wondering about a specific employee? Then you can count on our detective agency to map out absenteeism and to learn more about the activities of your employee.

Before taking the necessary actions against absenteeism, it is important to know to what degree absenteeism is an issue in your company. Luckily, you’re not alone in this process. Detective agency Bayo make a detailed report for you about the employees in your company that are unjustly ill. Thanks to this report, you can take legal steps and dismiss this employee.

Please note that it is forbidden by law to investigate the specifications of the illness or health of your employee. We investigate only what your employee does during his or her absence.

Why is absenteeism an issue?

An employee that has to rest in bed for a week won’t pose a big issue for a company. However, in the event where an employee takes sick leave and actually works illegally for another company, your company can save a lot of costs by taking action against this.

An ill employee is entitled to a guaranteed income for a month and often you need to replace him or her to fulfil certain deadlines. We probably don’t need to point out to you how much this would cost!

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