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Professional detective investigation in Antwerp

Detective agency Bayo is your trusted partner for professional detective investigations in the Antwerp region and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced detectives is well acquainted with Antwerp and its surroundings, which gives us a considerable advantage in solving your assignments. Whether unravelling complex situations, collecting evidence or other assignments, we are ready to help you in the city of Antwerp and the rest of Belgium.

Our expertise in Antwerp and the surrounding area

Our local expertise allows us to work more effectively and efficiently, whether it involves pursuits, establishing adultery, theft investigations, or checking your children’s time use. We know Antwerp and its surroundings, which enables us to carry out assignments with extreme precision and local knowledge.

Thanks to our years of experience and proven track record in the industry, our detectives are known for their focused approach and ability to get to the heart of a case quickly. We recognise that each investigation has unique aspects, and our team effortlessly adapts to meet your specific needs.

Our detective services in Antwerp

Our versatile detective services in Antwerp include the list below.

Direct cooperation with lawyers

We also work directly with lawyers and offer support on matters such as:

Discreet and reliable private detective in Antwerp

At Detective Agency Bayo, we realise that confidentiality and discretion are of paramount importance in every investigation we conduct in Antwerp. You can trust our detectives to handle your case with utmost care and responsibility.

Our commitment to discretion begins from the very first contact and extends through to the final report of the investigation. We act according to strict ethical standards and ensure that your privacy is respected at all times.

Customised solutions

Every investigation is different and brings unique challenges. That is why we always work in a tailor-made manner and in consultation with you so that we can complete your assignment in Antwerp as efficiently as possible.

Together, we review the situation and the known data. In consultation with you, we determine the best strategy to take on the assignment so that the objectives of the investigation are achieved as quickly as possible. We keep you informed of every step during the investigation and work closely with you to ensure that we meet your expectations.

About our detective agency

In addition to our local detective office in Antwerp, we are a team of professionals spread across Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We have been working together for years to carry out your investigations. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, speed, efficiency, and years of experience make us the right choice for your investigations.


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At Detective Agency Bayo, we realise that every investigation requires a careful and professional approach. Our team of detectives in Antwerp is ready to help you unravel the truth. Contact us for further information regarding our comprehensive services in Antwerp and its surrounding areas. You can rely on us for targeted detective investigations and reliable results, and we are ready to support you in solving even the most complex cases.

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