Premarital investigation



Getting married is like a dream coming true for many of us. But sometimes, marriage doesn’t seem that interesting after all. We often say love is blind, and it’s true that we don’t always ask enough questions when we fall in love head over heels.

With the arrival of the Internet, many people now meet online. In that case, the past of both partners can be rather vague at the start. And of course you can never be 100% sure someone is telling you the truth about their past.

Do you have doubts about your future spouse? There’s no shame in getting your future spouse checked out by detective bureau Bayo before going ahead with anything.

What do people lie about?

We might sometimes ask ourselves why would our partner keep something from us. Unfortunately, there are many things people lie about and they could have a significant impact on your own future:

•    Job
•    Cash
•    Family
•    Previous or possible on-going relationships

Our agency can find out if your current partner really does have a job. Or if your partner is hiding something about his or her family, the existence of children for instance, etc. There are many other things we can find out for you! Would you like to receive more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Protect your family

Premarital investigation doesn’t necessarily have to concern your own partner.
Is your brother or sister about to marry someone you have your doubts about? Or worse, did your son or daughter bring someone home whose background you don’t completely trust? You can always rely upon our specialized private detective agency to find out more about this person.

We create a file that will give you insight to maybe prevent an unnecessary wedding.

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