Tracking down a person



It is one of the many tasks of a private detective: tracking down persons. If you know of someone who is missing, it can very often be a very emotional time. This means that it is very difficult to start a search for the missing person yourself and to investigate why he or she doesn’t want to be found. This is where Detectivebureau Bayo can help.

More than just tracking down loved ones

You might be looking for your biological parents, a friend, a missing child or other loved ones. But tracking down missing persons can be a lot more for Detective agency Bayo.

We can for instance help you with the search for:

– Witnesses of a crime or accident

– Swindlers

– People who need to pay alimony



– …

The search

Before looking for a missing person it’s very important to get a clear image of his or her past and recent events in their life. Based on this information, we can dismiss certain reasons for the disappearance. Afterwards, we start the search.

There might be many reasons why someone goes missing:

– Kidnapping

– Traumatic events

– Financial reasons

– Complicity in a crime

– …

We handle all cases professionally and discretely. Would you like to find a loved one or would you like to search for someone who has seemingly disappeared voluntarily? We take action to find the person who you are looking for.

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