Tracking down leased cars



Are you as a company looking for one of your leased cars? Did one of your clients disappear without paying and did they take your car with them? Then you can count on Detective agency Bayo to take care of the entire search for you.

Private leasing

It isn’t that common yet, but there are several companies that don’t only lease company cars, but also private cars. Not everyone gets a company car, but they might not like having to buy a new car either. Thanks to the latest technologies, people often switch cars and in these cases private leasing is a perfect solution. For a leasing company, this is a very interesting market, as there is a lot of demand. But unfortunately, a lot of debtors make use of this market.

Bayo: the correct solution

It is possible that the company that is leasing your cars suddenly no longer pays you. As a leasing company, it’s not always simple to track down these cars. By making use of the services of Detective agency Bayo, you are saving yourself a lot of time and effort. Our priority is the search for both the debtor and the car. Once we have found it, we try to negotiate it in such a way that you get both your car and the money.

In case any issues arise during this procedure, we take the necessary actions and in negotiation with a bailiff we contact a garage to take the car away if it is situated on a public road. We can also get the help of the local police after we have discussed the details with your lawyer.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to track down a debtor’s leased car? Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us. We can give you a full explanation of all our services.

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