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Trade representatives are often the point of contact for your company and are in contact with new and existing customers. Unfortunately, these representatives may decide to leave your company. If that happens, you obviously don’t want them to take your contact if they start working for a competitor. That is why it is important to conclude a non-competition clause with them.

The recorded conditions

As with the clause for all other growers, the non-competition clause for trade representatives is subject to certain conditions, although these are much more flexible clauses:

  • There is only one valid wage limit, namely a maximum annual wage of € 33,472 gross.
  • There is no payment of a lump sum compensation to the employee
  • The flat-rate compensation to be paid by the sales representative in the event of termination of the clause may not exceed three months’ wages.
  • The clause is limited to a maximum of 12 months.
  • The contract is only valid up to the area in which the representative was active.

Moreover, the clauses are only valid if the employer breaks the contract.

A reliable check

Do you want to check whether your sales representative complies with the non-competition clause? Then you can always ask for help from our detective agency. We will look with professionalism for you whether your ex-representative works at the competition or within your active region. We will provide you with the submitted proof in the form of a file with which you can take the necessary steps.

Do you feel that other employees are not following the stipulation? Then you can always appeal to Detective Bayo by taking a look at our “Competition clause” page.

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