The phenomenon and some examples 

A new phenomenon has been identified: financial infidelity. This essentially means hiding regular expenses/purchases or withholding financial decisions from your partner.

According to an article from HLN, 4 out of 10 partners admit to having engaged in financial infidelity.

This can range from small, innocent things like not telling your partner that you’ve bought another pair of sneakers, to making personal payments using joint accounts, hiding large debts, or concealing a job loss.

The following are examples of financial infidelity:

  • Hiding debts
  • Concealing purchase receipts to avoid confrontation
  • Not informing your partner about (expensive) gifts for family or friends
  • Keeping your partner unaware of losses (large sums of money) from gambling
  • Hiding an inheritance
  • Earning more than you disclose to your partner.
  • Making expensive purchases behind your partner’s back

Be sure before accusing someone

Especially in times of financial uncertainty and high (energy) bills, these are things that you can’t afford in a relationship. Financial betrayal can have a significant impact on a relationship, and when there is suspicion, clarity is the only thing that can help.

Of course, honesty is always the best policy, and trust should be one of the building blocks of a relationship. However, sometimes desperation drives someone to conceal purchases or debts.

What to do if you suspect financial infidelity?

If you suspect financial infidelity, it’s important to be certain before confronting your partner. Accusing your partner falsely of lies and deceit can cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

Therefore, it may be wise to conduct an investigation before making accusations. You can enlist the services of detective agency Bayo to discreetly investigate the actions of your partner. We can shadow the individual in question and determine if there are frequent purchases made at certain (expensive) stores or if visits to gambling establishments are being concealed.

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