For years now Tinder has been the most popular app for meeting new people. With almost 300,000 Belgians who have a profile, it’s the most popular dating platform in Belgium. But the app is not only used by people without a relationship, so how can you know if your partner is active on Tinder? We figured it out for you.

During the lockdown, the number of people using Tinder increased rapidly. These numbers do not only include singles, but surprisingly also people in a steady relationship. These last saw their other ways of dating disappear and in need of distraction they turned to Tinder. According to a study by Globalwebindex, 42% of all users on Tinder are in a relationship and 30% are even married. Tinder itself contradicts these numbers in a tweet in response to this survey. However, what they based their figures on still remains a secret.

Three friends then decided to find a solution to the question: “Is my partner on Tinder?”. This is how the app and website Cheaterbuster came to life, originally it was known under the name “Swipebuster”. They try to answer this question through a complicated algorithm that uses the Tinder API. For this you have to complete some information and the app will give you a list of possible profiles that meets these criteria.

How accurate is it?

The owners of Cheaterbuster claim a correctness of 97% -99%. Tests and reviews on the internet point in this direction too, so it’s fair to say the app can already provide quite a bit of insight. The site and app are always up to date so that the information is always accurate.

If you would like to use the app, you would need to pay per executed search. At the time of writing the cost of 1 search is 9.99 euros. Did you catch your girlfriend or boyfriend on Tinder after this? Would you like to know for sure that no real dates take place? Then hire a private investigator to check your partner’s time commitment in complete discretion to gather real evidence.

Not everything?

Of course, there are many other dating platforms on which one can be active, the above app offers no insight or answer to those. Dating or meeting can always happen without an app or any platform. Because of this, the only way that can give yourself more certainty is to hire a private investigator. Want more information? Contact us!