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Do you want to reveal your partners infidelity with hard evidence? Do you have doubts about certain employees and suspect them of working for the competition? Or maybe you have issues with a stalker, which you need proof of to take legal action? Then you certainly came to the right place at Detective Agency Bayo.

Our detective agency is located in Belgium, but even if you need an investigator in France or Luxembourg you can always contact us. Where a lot of private investigators are unallowed to cross the borders, Detective Agency Bayo has the necessary permits to pursue it’s research in France and Luxembourg.

So, if you don’t want your investigation to be limited to the borders of Belgium, we are the partner you are looking for. We do not have to stop at the border if, for example, we are following someone. We can legally report what we see in France or Luxembourg.

As a company or individual looking for a private Investigator?

No matter whom you are, we are there for you.

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Our service is very extensive. We are engaged in detective work in the broadest sense of the word:

No job is too small or too big for us !

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Also professionals and companies can always appeal on our services:

Your company can always rely on us to find out the most delicate matters!

A maximum effort

Whether you are looking for a private investigator in France or Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you can always count on a maximum effort on your case. Our team truly values customer satisfaction and we strive to please you with our solutions and outcomes.

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