Faced with the unprecedented health crisis, exceptional health measures had to be put in place. These solutions were deployed with the aim of limiting the spread of the coronavirus by, among other things, forcing individuals to wear a mask. Wearing these masks became mandatory in public places and in workplaces. These various measures affect the whole world and represent an additional difficulty for private investigators. While it’s always possible to identify a person wearing a mask, the task is more complex and requires real expertise to identify key elements.

The private detective agency must adapt to this new situation

Shadowing and surveillance are two activities that are part of the detective profession. When it’s a question of catching an unfaithful person, a situation of proven unfair competition or when a person carries out his activity illegally during a sick leave, identification is absolutely essential in almost every type of missions.

The first step for a private detective is to take knowledge of the case and set up a particularly efficient monitoring system so that the identification of the various people concerned is done under the best conditions. It’s already difficult to recognize with absolute certainty people by a picture, but the fact of using an Anti Covid mask makes the operation even more delicate. When the private investigator is starting his mission, he doesn’t necessarily have a recent photograph. In addition, the use of a hat, sunglass or a scarf also complicates identification. Detectives will only have a couple of seconds to be able to correctly identify the right person and to decide to continue shadowing. This makes physiognomy an absolute essential skill for a private investigator.

Although wearing the anti-Covid mask represents an additional difficulty, this doesn’t mean that the professional’s missions must stop. On the contrary, you can trust the skills of our private investigators, whom will ask you a lot of questions at the beginning to make sure identification of the targets go as easy as possible. Although these different elements may seem absurd to you at first glance, our main purpose is to allow rapid identification. A person can be recognized simply by a distinctive sign such as a tattoo or earrings, apart from their attire.

Help your detective achieve his goal

Right from the start, building a quality case is absolutely necessary. You will be dealing with a team of professionals who will ask you for as many details as possible that may be essential throughout the investigation. It’s important to be receptive, it’s better to have extra information rather than running out of it and having a mission that cannot take shape. Our profession is not an exact science, it’s based on the experience and skills of the private detective who must adapt to any condition to provide you with concrete results. Wearing a mask certainly adds an additional constraint, but the professional will have to adapt to this exceptional situation in order to be able to succeed in his mission.