Do stories turn out not to be true? When you are in a relationship or just starting a new relationship, you always assume that you remain loyal to each other. But what is staying true to your partner? What do you personally consider adultery, deception or cheating? This is different for everyone but most importantly, when it happens you can recognize the signals, which may not always be very clear.

How to recognize adultery?

Of course, you hope you’ll never end up in this situation, however several studies have shown that it’s a very common thing. Cheating is considered normal these days, so it makes sense that you’re concerned. Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Are your concerns justified? Can you still save your relationship?

To know what signs to watch for, we briefly outline two types of people: those who show emotions more easily and those who are less communicative about feelings.

Adultery among more emotional types of people

Certain individual are generally more emotional than others. They want to include their partner in their lives. Talking about emotional/sensitive topics with each other is very important in such relationships. When this communication declines, it may indicate that something is wrong.

  • Do you spend less time together?
  • Have hobbies or friends suddenly become more important?
  • Are you encouraged to spend more time with others yourself?
  • Is your partner using his/her phone more than usual and/or ignoring your messages/calls?
  • Do you get less attention as a person and does your partner not behave as a “couple” to the outside world?
  • Are you no longer making plans for the future, or are you being judged more critically?

These are all signs that something is wrong or that your partner might have met someone else. Obviously, this does not immediately mean that your partner is cheating on you. If you’re having any hunches you can contact a private investigator who can check your suspicions and prove whether your gut feeling is correct or not.

Adultery among less emotional people

With less sensitive people, it is sometimes a little different, however a number of things are similar. For example, these types of people can also be more preoccupied with their mobile phone or be extra careful with their privacy. For example, they go to another room to make phone calls or answer messages.

  • Is your partner being more distant or avoiding eye contact?
  • Does your partner behave unnaturally?
  • Isn he/she not concerned about family matters?
  • Does he/she take a shower at random hours or throws clothes in the laundry basket faster than usual?
  • Can you find lipstick or perfume on the clothes?
  • Do stories turn out not to be true?
  • Or is your partner just being extra sweet?
  • Do you find invoices from restaurants or hotels that you haven’t been to together?

Save relationship or not?

No matter how you turn it, adultery can never be avoided. But when your partner has cheated on you, you can do two things: end the relationship or give it another shot. Communication is key here. Talk about what and where it went wrong and what you both can do to avoid it in the future. Would you like to hire a professional who can confirm and prove your suspicions? Then hire a private investigator today.