The day of love – Valentine – is around the corner. A day where couples take time to devote more attention to their partner. A restaurant visit, flowers or a little present are common good. Or is there something else to this day?

Cheating on Valentine

A number of studies have shown that a large majority of couples cheat on their partner during Valentine. Many prefer to spend this day with their lover or mistress instead of their spouse. The main excuse that is used: “Honey, I have to work late today.” Because many meet with their lover this day, there is a bigger chance of being caught in the short term.
But how can you be sure that your partner will abandon you on this day to spend it with someone else?
• Your partner is constantly working on his / her mobile or even has a second one in possession
• Your partner starts exercising, unlike other days
• Your partner must work overtime during the weirdest hours
• Your partner shows little sexual interest
Of course the above mentioned signals also apply on all other days, but this might be the reason why you are spending your Valentine’s Day alone. Are you in this situation? Then you often start doubting yourself. Do the signals indicate adultery? Is your partner unfaithful?

Hire a private investigator

If you really don’t know what to do and want to have everything investigated, then it’s best to take a private investigator by the hand. This person can perform the necessary research, start shadowing your partner and provide effective evidence if there is unfaithfulness. This way you get a definite answer about your doubts and you can take the necessary steps in your relationship.