Various studies have shown that half of the applicants have already lied about their resume. As an employer it’s therefore not recommended to just assume that the perfect candidate is actually perfect by relying solely on his / her CV.

Depending on the type of position and the sector in which your company is located, there are different risks associated in hiring staff. For example, you can suffer financial losses and reputational damage if you hire the more casual person. A pre-employment screening can prevent that!

There are several advantages to such background research. We would like to list the 4 most important:

1. You have certainty about the obtained diplomas, certificates and proofs

Thanks to the background research, you’re immediately certain of the diplomas that the applicant has obtained. For example, are you looking for someone who has to drive trucks, lift trucks and the like? Then it’s very interesting that you’re sure that he has obtained the correct knowledge and skills for this.

2. You have certainty for the future

To avoid hiring people who seem unsuitable for your company after a while and you have to look for new staff again, a pre-employment screening is definitely recommended. In addition, people change jobs much more often these days. Hiring someone who will remain loyal to your company is very interesting for the future and ensures that customers and stakeholders will put more trust in your company.

3. Safer for you, your other employees and customers

You’re responsible for the people you recruit. If that staff starts behaving aggressively, not working productively or stealing, this will have serious consequences for you, the employer. As an employer, you most likely want to avoid putting your other employees at risk or your customers becoming suspicious because you made the wrong choice when recruiting one person.

4. You don’t expose yourself to the competition

It may happen that someone comes to apply purely for spying for the competition. It is therefore very important that you remove these people from the application procedure. For example, letting applicants know in advance that there is a background investigation in progress can already prevent the competition from applying for a job. 

Is the screening of future personnel necessary?

As we mentioned earlier, it may depend on the position and sector you are working in. Although it may also be interesting for voluntary work, for example, to research the past of the candidates. You don’t want them to smear your name and ruin your life’s work in a few months.

Do you want to know if it’s necessary for you to perform a pre-employment screening? Please contact our detective agency and we will work with you to determine the procedures you can go through.